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Current Missionary Involvement

ICM’s work in Indonesia is currently operated out of the mission house in Jakarta.  Bob MacLean, Vice President of Field Operations for the mission, is responsible for the total operation of the mission.  Along with his work of witness to Muslims in his neighborhood and teaching at the Jakarta Bible College, he oversees four evangelists, supported by ICM.  Evangelists are located in Ciputat, Ciracas, Pamulang Tangerang, and Aceh.  While Bob is responsible for all operations, Jan manages the field office for the mission.  She keeps all financial records reporting monthly to the home office of the mission.  Jan is the primary interface between the home office and the mission work in Indonesia.  Much of the translation required for communication between the evangelists and supporters in the States is done by Jan.  Most of the emails which maintain communication between the States and the field are produced by Jan.  In addition she is involved in evangelizing the neighborhood Muslim women.

Bob’s oversight of the Evangelists is actually a task of helping each of them, and the congregations or house groups to which they minister, grow in their faith and learn to take personal responsibility for their individual growth in Christ and the work of evangelism in their community.   He is currently developing an in depth class to prepare evangelists and members of the churches to bear witness of their faith to the Muslims who are the largest group of non-Christians in Indonesia.  

The work of evangelism in the Jakarta metropolitan area and Aceh is extremely difficult.  Hard core Muslims control the political structure of the city and the nation.  Converts who leave Islam are often excommunicated from their family and sometimes are executed in accordance with Islamic law.  Those who come to Jesus must have a faith which is willing to stand up to these difficulties.