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In the late 1970’s there were 38 missionaries from the Independent, Restoration, Christian Churches living and working in Indonesia.  Today that number has dwindled to 9.  Yet the need remains.  Today there are more than 200,000,000 people on the inhabited islands of Indonesia who are without Jesus.  Many of these people are hard core believers in Islam who contribute to Jihad and terrorism throughout the world.  The majority, however, are not.  Many are moderate Muslims who really don’t understand Islam and are prime candidates to receive the Gospel of Jesus.  In addition there are many in Indonesia who are Hindu, Buddhist.  Most Indonesians who are not Christian are animists in addition to what religious affiliation they claim.

Indonesian Christian Mission, (ICM), has a heart for all of these millions who are without Christ.  There are opportunities among the Indonesian people beyond the wildest dreams of those who may want to evangelize for Christ.  ICM's mission is to bring together those who feel the calling of Jesus to preach His Gospel to the unsaved, and the unsaved people of Indonesia.

If you feel God’s call:  If you know that God wants you to go to the mission field: ICM would welcome a contact from you to see if your calling matches the requirements to serve Christ in Indonesia under the auspices of ICM.



Bob mackurus@yahoo.com
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